Shrewsbury Open Studios

Jackie Coyle


I work in mosaic, paint and collage/mixed media. Both in mosaic and my paintings I work with layers, creating a surface where the viewer can glimpse other elements or fragments of images beneath. My mosaics are constantly developing as I try to find my own language in this fascinating craft, experimenting with materials and methods. I use a wide variety of materials including found and re-used ceramic, stone and slate, I also like to work with clear glass and lay the pieces over a painted background. On paper or canvas I use layers of fabric, tissue, paint, wax and print to build up a story.

My work is rooted in my spiritual relationship with the land, to the traces of human interaction, the scars and imprints, to a sense of time and connectedness. My current work is a struggle to visually represent that landscape and my response to it in a more abstract way. My recent mosaics have achieved that as flattened overhead representations of shapes and texture; these mosaics inform my paintings just as my fine art background informs my mosaic making.


English Bridge Workshop
Abbey Foregate

M: 07507 600170

Open Days

June 8/9
July 13/14
August 10/11
November 23/24