Shrewsbury Open Studios

Kit Byron


I am a Shropshire based Printmaker with a home studio. I draw much of my inspiration from the wild and great outdoors and my experiences to do with it. I am often on the Coast or in the Hebrides. 

My subjects are whatever catches my eye at the time, which could be on the land, an ancient site or the local nature.

My printing process is lengthy – involving looking, thinking, sketching, transposing the image to lino, cutting it, inking up and printing.

I print in limited editions sometimes on my own papers. Evidence of the makers hand and the time taken to produce a piece is an essential part of my work. 

My prints are individual. I work hard to breathe life into them and make them special. It is a continuous and surprising process.


17 Oak Street, Belle Vue
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

M: 07964 679663

Open Days

June 8/9
November 23/24