Shrewsbury Open Studios

Jake Dennys

Oil Painting

HI EVERYONE! MY NAMES JAKE, I’m a self-taught artist.

I absolutely love oil paints, with a focus on gothic portraits. I like to paint skulls, skeletons, people, celebrities and animals. I enjoy mixing things up with abstract concepts (samurai frogs, cyberpunk monks, pagan mythology and everything in-between).

I began my artistic journey in June 2020. Having never picked up a paint brush before I tried my best (it wasn’t very good, but I loved it!) and practiced every day. I quickly fell in love with the process, seeing what I could achieve with just an imagination and a will to succeed. After finding my feet, inspired by tattoo-art, I began to flourish. I quickly gained a loyal following under the trading name ‘Dennys Paints’ and before long I started to sell my wares at market stalls across the country.

In 2022 I won Young Market Trader of the Year 2022 for the Midlands Region as well as winning my category. Shortly after this, I changed my business name to ‘Raise Hell’ – far more in keeping with the current tone of my artwork. I also begun to design and sell my own tshirts, which has been a very fun and different adventure all together.

My wife recently gave birth to our first child, a daughter. So my days look a lot different now, the more time I spend changing nappies, the less time I have to focus on art, but when I do get a chance, it’s an absolute joy.


Raven Studios
Abbey Foregate
Shrewsbury SY2 6AD

M: 07578 777943

Open Days

June 8/9
August 10/11