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Russell Parry

Sculpture or carving?

It all depends how ‘arty’ I’m feeling that day! Whichever it is, my principal medium is natural wood from which I scoop and pare unwanted material using chisels, gouges and knives. Sometimes the pieces follow traditional lines, at others the designs are contemporary, springing from an idea or doodle that I want to see rendered solid and real.

The warm, tactile qualities of wood make it a pleasure to work and lend the finished sculptures an inimitable sensuality. Pieces may be reliefs or in-the-round carvings, in a contemporary or a range of traditional styles.

I started carving over 25 years ago, since when I have sold many pieces, both speculative and commissions, and even carved for TV’s Time Team on one occasion. For some years I gave regular demonstration/exhibitions at National Trust properties, and plan to resume this soon when the opportunity arises.

Apart from sculpture, I also keep a sketch journal. I began sketching a few years ago with the aim of improving my (non-existent!) drawing skills, and assist with designing woodcarvings. Somehow the project took on a life of its own, and I learned to bind my own archival sketch books, filled with assortments of high quality paper to suit my needs.

I will have a range of books with me at Open Studios in case anyone is interested in the fascinating and enriching world of illustrated journaling.


T: 01743 359000

13 Claremont Hill
Shrewsbury SY1 1RD

Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th

ARTIST: Russell Parry
CATEGORIES: Sculpture, Sketch Journals

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