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Niki Holmes

I studied Fine Art at the University of the West of England and Universite de Marseilles, before graduating as a painter from the Royal Academy Schools in 1996, then going on to study Multimedia at Westminster College, London.

I have worked as an Artist and Design Creative on a diverse range cross-disciplinary and collaborative projects with scientists, technologists, engineers, architects and other artists. For many years, I specialised in commissions and participation projects for Arts in Health, working on projects with charities, civic organisations, schools and healthcare service providers and estates in the UK, Kenya and South Africa.

I have taught Art at the Royal College of Art, the City of Guild School, the Architecture Association and The Shrewsbury School.

Since 2010 I have been Company Artist for local drama company, Mad Cow Productions and I have provided Scenic Design and finishes at the Shrewsbury School since 2013.

My own, self-initiated and commissioned projects have resulted in a diverse body of work: from virtual reality to large scale civic installations – theatre sets to small devotional diptych.

Paint however, remains at the heart of my practise as is my primary expressive medium.

Paint is used as a physical and emotive model of landscape, by exploiting the creative possibilities of the materials self-organisation and emergent forms. This develops a tension with my own intentions as artist.

The natural processes that shape landscape are a constant source of inspiration – how similar forms spontaneously arise at different scales, and how our predisposition to perceive and recognise pattern shapes our experience and memory of objects, places and events.

Data visualisation from human biology, forensics, astrology, geology, metrology and ecology are combined with personal and cultural histories of their reverence, exploration and exploitation.

In the work, I fuss these elements to create a balance between reaching for a rational understand.


T: 07852 247331

Participate Contemporary Artspace
32 – 34 Riverside, Raven Meadows
Shrewsbury SY1 1PJ

Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th
Exhibiting at Participate Studios ONLY – Maybe demonstrating painting or running participation/art workshops on weekend 10th-11th, subject to Participate’s agreement to this idea.

ARTIST: Niki Holmes


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