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Neil Walker

What you see of my work is a small collection of the kind of subjects I love to experiment with. They are, Life, Land and Seascape and lastly, Abstract. The figurative works are great fun to do but the most exhilarating for me are the abstracts. It is the distortion of reality, pulling the normal apart, turning everything on its head. Then after a sequence of trial and error, all being well, it suddenly all falls together into balanced harmony of colour and shape.

The one rule I try to adhere to when painting, is never have any expectations of result. I once read, that the joy is in the creating, not in the aftermath. By renouncing outcome one frees oneself of inhibitions. I find that when using that criteria, the end results can be surprisingly satisfactory.

Making a work of art in whatever genre, is a joy in itself. An old friend once told me, that the only wrong one can do in art, is not to make art.


T: 01743 247887

Participate Contemporary Artspace
32 – 34 Riverside, Raven Meadows
Shrewsbury SY1 1PJ

Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th
Open Studio weekends will be exhibiting new prints by gallery owner Stephen Vicary & ceramics by Claudia Lis along with local guest artists.

ARTIST: Neil Walker

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