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Lisa Lochhead

I have always been attracted to creating art and have dabbled a few times at certain points in my life.

A turning point came for me at a time when my conditional yes in life was breaking down, I bought a large canvas, knowing I needed to paint the ‘Divine Feminine’. I set up the canvas and the space for me to paint without knowing what or how.. there She was, empty, open, faceless, waiting….

I completed this first painting in August 2014 and I have not stopped painting since. I have find creating art whilst moving from the depth of my heart whilst listening deeply to the subtle calling of what is wanting to be here be the most beautiful, liberating and healing transformational practice.

My husband and I moved to Whitchurch in June 2016 and you will now find me at any time day or night in our garage which has been converted to a studio for me. Artist Statement I paint as a bridge between the inner silent subtle world of knowing and the outer world of form, manifestation and creative action. Through deep listening and immersion in the moment I allow the shapes to reveal themselves as a moving meditation. Using colour, layering, forming and dissolving of forms I explore the dialogue with my inner landscape and paint the subtle calling of the deepest sense of who I am alive. Crossing boundaries and limitations I have imposed on myself I open to hear something new, beyond my known.


T: 07402 363630

Participate Contemporary Artspace
32 – 34 Riverside, Raven Meadows
Shrewsbury SY1 1PJ

Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th

ARTIST: Lisa Lochhead


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