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Linda Edwards

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Having worked as a freelance illustrator for about 25 years in children’s books, cards, ceramics and other licensing I am now concentrating on two things.


I am fascinated by gold leaf which can ‘illuminate’ a painting. I often incorporate gold and use varying textures that enrich the surface and catch the light. As you pass by a piece or view it at different times of day it will change as the light changes and it will animate the room. I call my work ‘new traditional’. It draws strongly on ancient art and yet also has a contemporary feel.

Many of my paintings take colourful birds as a starting point. We mostly live in cities where we might long for an enclosed garden in which to find an hour of sunlit peace. Birds inhabit the garden and it is filled with trees and flowers: the garden as paradise. I am celebrating nature’s richness and diversity, currently so much under threat.

I often draw in museums from Medieval manuscripts, Renaissance paintings, Persian and Indian art, as well as textiles and ceramics. I love colour and pattern which can so uplift the spirit. My usual method is to create a watercolour painting on heavy paper adding detail that slowly emerges. Part of the story is told in the gilded background.

In 2019, 2018 and 2017 my paintings have been selected for exhibition at the Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Watercolour Competition, Bankside Gallery, London. In 2017 I was winner of the Dry Red Press award. I’ve exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and show in several UK galleries.

Sunny Side Art –

My partner Nigel runs Sunny Side Art making gifts, cards and prints from my illustrations that celebrate the places we love, notably of course, Shrewsbury and Shropshire!

All our products are made in the UK from my designs. Each one is carefully finished packaged in Shrewsbury. We have been amazed and delighted by the support we have had for our local products. It shows how much people love to live here and to visit!


T: 01743 357286

5 Quarry Place

Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th

ARTIST: Linda Edwards and Sunny Side Art
CATEGORIES: Illustration, Painting


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