Shrewsbury Open Studios

Karen Sillar


Karen is a Shrewsbury based artist and printmaker.

Brought up with a love for nature and particularly the bird life around her, her work easily follows this theme. Working from her home studio near the Kingsland Bridge, Karen has found the town to offer plenty of inspiration, having moved from ‘very’ rural Shropshire a couple of years ago.

Karen looks to capture the character of her subject through her observation of colour and form with a particular interest in the surrounding negative space. She aims to create clean, multi-layered linocut prints looking for a balance between realism and simplicity and uses many layers of thinly applied ink to build up her prints. For a bit more spontaneity Karen also enjoys working with monotypes and a good play with other ‘non-printmaking’ media.

Karen’s original prints, and greetings cards based on her work, will be available for purchase from her studio, alongside the unique opportunity to see how and where the work is created.

I’m very pleased to be hosting Kate Johnston of Coppermoss Jewellery at my studio space for the three weekends I’m involved. If you need any further information about anything or have any queries please let me know. Many thanks Karen



M: 07771 535125

Open Days

July 13/14
August 10/11
November 23/24