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Mo Vyse

I paint whilst actually sitting in the landscape, if it rains then my canvas gets wet and the rain becomes part of the painting. If the weather is hot and dry the paint can dry too quickly and crack, again this is all part of the painting process and the effects can be seen in each painting.

A finished work is the sum of my actions, the effects of the weather and the environment in which it was made. Grass, gnats or flies get caught up in the wet paint and remain part of the painting. Therefore my studio is the landscape itself, I do not work directly from drawings, sketches or photographs, but rather from the place and environment. I am influenced directly by the weather, the sounds and the atmosphere; I go out to paint without any pre-conceived subject ideas and let the location and the environment act as my guide and influence.

I use my sketchbook as a tool for working out ideas, making visual research notes, sorting out detail and solving problems. I have a collection of my sketchbooks which I find invaluable – no one sketchbook relates to any one area or period; they collectively form my artistic research backbone.

The paintings presented here form part of a body of work relating to how we view the landscape and how we translate this into a painting.

I am currently undertaking a PhD in Fine Art at Aberystwyth University; my research has led me to investigate artists who I admire, namely J.M.W. Turner, John Constable, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Richard Wilson, J.M. Ince, Joan Eardley, Michael Andrews and Michael Porter.

My work is collected and exhibited all over the world, China, Germany, France, Sweden and USA. In 2016 I exhibited at the Royal Academy 248th Summer Exhibition.


Triratna Buddhist Centre
All Saints Hall, 48A Queen St
Shrewsbury SY1 2JU

Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th

During the Open studios event the Triratna Buddhist Centre will be a venue exhibiting the work of Mo Vyse and a number of other artists including Sandra Robinson, Lucy Fulford and Mary Hastings. Payment has been made by Zoe Crosskey (aka Saravantu) – done by Paypal, when registering.



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